Equestrian Camp

From the beginner to the most advanced student, your child will experience the  joy and excitement of life with horses in hands-on tasks and other educational  venues.

For their safety, campers are divided into small groups.  Campers receive riding  instruction on horseback once or twice each day and unmounted lessons in barn  and horse management.  Riders will learn the basics of grooming, tacking-up,  bathing and cooling horses down.  Skilled riders may also do bareback rides,  trail rides, and/or play days (including a ride through the water) and learn how  to clip and prepare horses for shows.

Visitors to the camp will include a farrier, a veterinarian, and some very famous  riders or horses.  Campers will also participate in a barn horse show where they  can demonstrate to parents and friends what they have learned and witness  some spectacular professional displays of show jumping.

The tack-up area and some riding areas are shaded.

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